About Me

Hi There! My name is Sean Trietsch.

I am an animal lover who decided to make my passion my career. I acquired three diplomas to gain as much knowledge as possible and to build on my practical experience. I have an Animal Psychology Diploma, a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Diploma and a Pet Care Diploma. I am also a qualified Game Ranger.

My love for animals started when I was very young. As a child I always had dogs and cats as pets and like most children I ended up bringing all sorts of random animals home over the years from rats, mice and hamsters to snakes, spiders and even silk worms. I felt an urge to help animals in need and turned my parents’ back yard into a small animal park where I would often sleep on the ground to watch over some of the sick ones. I had all sorts of small animals in there but the focus turned to rehabilitating birds. I ended up working at two different veterinary practices. The one was a large practice with five Vets. They individually specialized in all sorts of animals from Horses and Monkeys to Koi Fish. I will always remember Dr Marais who taught me so much about birds in particular and all the birds brought in were sent home with me to rehabilitate. I worked there for close on four years. I also worked at a practice close by that specialized with cats, together with my future wife Sammy. The practice had a huge cattery where many feral cats were given a home. It was one of the most fantastic jobs I have ever had. I was literally being paid to come in every day and play with the cats and check on their general well being. I had a fantastic experience with a Calico cat by the name of Sixpence. She was a cat that hated everyone. Extremely aggressive and fearful. It took me a while but I was the only person ever to gain her trust which came in handy when she needed medication.

My future wife completed her studies and graduated as a Zoologist. When she finished we both decided to become Game Rangers. We worked at a number of places in South Africa including Madikwe and the Sabi Sands. We then moved to Botswana and were fortunate enough to work for Dereck and Beverly Joubert (famous wildlife film makers) and Ian Khama (son of the famous Serêtsê Khama, Commander of the Botswana Defense Force and fourth president of Botswana) at a camp called Zibalianja. We then moved on and spent a couple of years in the Serengeti. We then decided to live a more “normal” life and returned to live in a small town called Sedgefield. After co-owning a restaurant for a few years and working as an estate agent I simply decided to follow my passion and work with animals once again and that is how I ended up starting Dogmatic Pet Services.